VACE Education Projects | official handover of the education project in Ghana


In March 2019, the contract for the Ghana II Education Project between the Ghanaian government and VACE Education Projects was put into effect. In March 2021, the project was officially handed over to the Ministry of Education.

The scope of the project

Supply of workshop/laboratory equipment, installation and commissioning, instructor training (based on the "train the trainer principle") and the construction of workshops as well as partial renovations of four colleges. The locations are within a radius of about 200 km north of the capital city of Accra. Each school has approximately 1,200-1,500 students. 

The project schedule

The entire delivery, installation and handover of the equipment to the client was completed on time despite the Corona restrictions.

The last milestone - the central training of the local instructors/teachers (number of participants: 34) in the different subject areas - took place from the beginning of January to March 2021. For this purpose, VACE Education Projects sent five Austrian technical experts to Ghana to teach the training participants theory and practice (main focus).

The aim of the training was to familiarize the local instructors/teachers with the equipment supplied, as well as the maintenance of the equipment, the storage of spare parts and consumables and the handling/operation of the teachware supplied (teaching and learning materials relating to theory and practice). 

The central training was ceremoniously concluded with the handing over of the training certificates to the participants at the beginning of March.The cross-project "Overall Acceptance Certificate" (equipment, installation, construction, training, teachware) was signed by the client on 10 March 2021, thus officially confirming the takeover of the project after a project duration of 24 months.

This means that four Ghanaian colleges will have the opportunity to provide each of their over 1,000 students with dual technical vocational training therefore giving the students a solid foundation for their future lives.

„for a better future“

We congratulate the entire team of VACE EDUCATION PROJECTS on the successful implementation!